How to Properly Care for Your Keycap Quarry Artisan

Keycap Quarry keycaps are resilient, this is due to them being made of genuine rocks and metals. However, they should still be treated with love and care.

If your keycap does not fit your keyboard switch properly, I am now including small bags with a dot of clear museum putty. Place a small piece of this into the stem (hole?) then place the keycap on your switch. You should immediately notice that the keycap does not come off as easy.


To clean your keycap if needed, gently scrub it with soap and water using your finger or a soft cloth/sponge. Then, dry it off with a soft cloth. To remove any fingerprints or oils, I would suggest using a microfiber cloth.


If your keycap has metal incorporated into the design there is a possibility that the metal may tarnish. If this happens, a regular jewelry polishing cloth should remove any tarnish.