-Raffle- Labradorite with Brass Inlay

Enter the required information into the form below for a chance at receiving an invoice to purchase a hand-crafted artisan keycap similar to one of these beauties.

Labradorite Keycap Raffle

Price $110 USD With Included Free Shipping. Keycap will take 6-8 weeks to be made and shipped. THERE WILL BE 10 WINNERS (shipping could be longer hopefully not, I am on a trip right now finding cool new rocks for you guys and traveling)

Free Shipping Only Domestically in the USA (sorry for any inconvenience, I am hoping to ship out of the USA for free in the future, but for now I am only shipping domestically for free)

Read the description below for more details.


The keycap you purchase will have its own unique, individual, colorful flash (the colorful blue shine on the stone) and a similar cushion cut with a brass plate inlay. The keycap is designed for cherry MX stems and clones. Unique keycap quarry profile, square with a cushion cut.



This keycap is made out of a genuine specimen of labradorite that is set on top of a beautiful shining brass inlay. The white part is made out of translucent polycarbonate plastic in order to ensure it is not too heavy for your keyboard switches.

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