Yooperlite: Unveiling the Mesmerizing Glow of Michigan’s Gemstone Phenomenon

Yooperlite, a fascinating gemstone, is a type of fluorescent sodalite found exclusively in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, affectionately known as the “UP” or “Yooper” country.

It gained widespread recognition and popularity due to its unique property of glowing under ultraviolet (UV) light. Yooperlite is an extraordinary gemstone that has captured the imagination of collectors and gem enthusiasts alike.

History of Yooperlite: From Serendipitous Discovery to Gemstone Fame

Yooperlite’s story began in 2017 when Erik Rintamaki, a resident of the Upper Peninsula, stumbled upon the gemstone while searching for rocks along the shores of Lake Superior.

It was a serendipitous discovery as Rintamaki noticed the stones glowing brightly under the UV light of his flashlight. After realizing their unique nature, he named them “Yooperlites” as a nod to the regional identity of Upper Peninsula residents, who proudly refer to themselves as “Yoopers.”

The discovery quickly gained attention, and Yooperlite became an overnight sensation. Collectors and rock enthusiasts flocked to the shores of Lake Superior in search of these glowing gemstones. Today, Yooperlite holds a special place in the hearts of Yoopers and gemstone enthusiasts worldwide.

Characteristics of Yooperlite: Glow and More

Glowing Phenomenon: A Spectacular Display under UV Light

The most remarkable characteristic of Yooperlite is its ability to fluoresce under UV light, particularly longwave UV light (also known as blacklight). Yooperlite emits a captivating and ethereal glow, revealing vibrant green and orange shades when exposed to this light.

This unique phenomenon results from the mineral’s composition and trace amounts of fluorescent elements such as sodalite and hackmanite.

Appearance and Composition: Beyond the Glow

Yooperlite’s appearance in standard lighting is typically bland, often as grayish or brownish rocks. However, when the UV light reveals their fluorescent nature, they transform into extraordinary gems with a mystical allure. Yooperlite is primarily composed of sodalite, allowing it to fluoresce, along with other minerals and impurities in the region.

Uses: Collecting and Decorative Applications

Yooperlite’s main allure lies in its collectability. Rockhounds and enthusiasts are drawn to these gemstones’ unique glow and rarity. Collectors often search the shores of Lake Superior in hopes of finding their own Yooperlites, adding them to their treasured collections.

Additionally, Yooperlite holds decorative value and can be used in various artistic and crafting applications. Crafters and artisans incorporate these glowing gemstones into jewelry, sculptures, and other artistic creations, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of Yooperlite and sharing it with the world.


Yooperlite, the glowing gemstone from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has enchanted collectors and gem enthusiasts with its unique fluorescence. From its accidental discovery to its fame as a rare and captivating gem, Yooperlite has become an emblem of the Great Lakes region.

Whether admired for its remarkable glow or used in creative endeavors, Yooperlite fascinates and amazes with its otherworldly beauty.

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